SETSM 3.4.0 released!!

  1. Improvement of running time
    SETSM is improved to reduce its running time :  30 % and 15 % reduction for 2m and 8m DEM processing, respectively.
  2. Changes of SETSM basic command for applying multiple matching techniques in next version
    Please use following command for the update version ( see Manual)
    ./setsm -image [image1path] -image [image2path] -outpath [outpath] -options
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SETSM 3.3.2 released!!

  1. SETSM outputs are converted binary files into GeoTiff files
  2. If someone would like to use binary files as output, please do not use this version. The updated version does not support the binary output anymore.
  3. SETSM development continues based on this update version of 3.3.2, so recommend to use the updated version for getting updated features.
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SETSM 3.3.1 released!!

New features of post-processing modules

  1. Local Surface Fitting smoothing for removing severe height variation over smooth surfaces due to poor stereo geometry or sensor orientation.
  2. New matchtag information from older version of SETSM DEMs.



  1. Reduce the issues of small size blunders such as divots and holes.
  2. Adaptive matching kernel size from iteratively updated surface information (reduce small size blunders)
  3. New matchtag information from new decision strategy of matched points : it helps water surface and clouds filter out.
  4. meta file information update
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SETSM 3.3.0 released!!


  1. Code optimization by OSC staff
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SETSM 3.2.8 released!!


  1. Change of meta file format and add more image information
  2. Bug fixing of xml loading
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SETSM 3.2.5 released!!


1. Memory issues

  • Reduce of physical memory size  : Relative RPCs bias computation
  • Changes of memory allocation

2. Bug fix

  • Relative RPCs bias computation : loading failure of image coordinates
  • Coordinate conversion : image cut around 180 longitude line due to geographic coordinate conversion issue
  • Data type casting

3. Enhanced consistency by parallel processing

4. More parallel processing by OpenMP

5. MPI implementation : tile-based MPI application

6. Cleaning codes

7. meta file update : includes image orientations info.

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SETSM 3.2.0 released!!


1. Arbitrary output DEM generation

2. option added : only orthoimage generation from SETSM dem

3. bug fixed : round off errors.

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SETSM 3.1.0 open released!!

SETSM 3.1.0 officially released.

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Welcome to MJ RS

Enjoy yourself!!

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