SETSM gallery

1. ArcticDEM

  • As part of an initiative to mitigate climate change and assist remote Alaskan and other Northern communities, the White House announced the ArcticDEM project on September 02, 2015 (, to be funded through the National Science Foundation and lead by the PGC. Having been recently developed for mapping Arctic terrains at large scale in collaboration with PGC, SETSM was quickly implemented on the NCSA BlueWater supercomputer. The ArcticDEM utilizes stereo imagery from all sensors managed by DigitalGlobe Inc. (WorldView 1-3, GeoEye 1, QuickBird-2). External quality control of ArtcticDEM products is provided by the NGA.
  • The ArcticDEM project will require processing of over 100,000 individual scene pairs. The BlueWaters (BW) supercomputer at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois is one of the most powerful supercomputers available to academic research with petascale storages. BW is a Cray XE6 (traditional compute nodes) and XK7 (GPU-enabled compute nodes) system consisting of more than 22,500 XE6 compute nodes augmented by more than 4,200 XK7 compute nodes in a single Gemini interconnection fabric. The XE6 dual-socket nodes are populated with 2 AMD interlagos model 6276 CPU processors with a nominal clock speed of at least 2.3 GHz and 64 GB of physical memory and the XK7 node has 32 GB of system memory while the accelerator has 6 GB of memory. (


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2. Antarctica DEMs : Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica (REMA)

* The strip DEMs of Ice Shelf are not co-registered.



James Ross Island

3. Non-polar regions

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Urban area



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